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Though technology makes communication easier than ever before, modern life's structure seems to keep individuals separated, each in their own bubble. Though ideals of justice, equality, and inclusiveness are championed louder than ever before, injustice, abuse, and cruelty still dominate life for those who dwell beneath society's theatrical stage. And though information is more readily available than ever before, moral apathy dominates daily life. Avery Parker writes in the backdrop of this world, speaking to the pain it can cause, the anger it can stir, and the hope one can find even in the darkest pits of despair.


Born to parents Paul and Lori Parker, Avery grew up in Rochester, New York, raised by his mother after his father's death in 2006. From an early age, he took interest in writing, often writing up "novels" on his mother's laptop, though, shockingly, none of those were ever published. Avery continued to write throughout school and began working on his first serious novel during the summer of 2020 while attending classes at American University in Washington, D.C.


Deciding to take a break from college, Avery travelled across the lower 48 states, writing accounts of the country as he did. Afterwards, he joined his mother in Florida. Shortly thereafter, she took her own life, leaving him orphaned at 19. Avery, however, continued writing both for himself and to honor his mother. She had always encouraged him to write and would often read and edit his stories, poetry, and essays. 


Avery now lives in Gainesville, Florida, with his partner and their six cats, all of whom support and inspire him every day. 


While working on his literary pursuits, Avery is also pursuing a degree in Programming and Analysis as well as Cyber Security.